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Meat Slicers

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Meat Slicers

Choosing the appropriate commercial meat slicer is essential to maintaining the efficiency of your food service operation. Horsepower is the key ingredient for meat slicers. Consider what you will be slicing - meats, cheeses, or frozen products - and how often you will be slicing them - once a day in the morning, off and on throughout the day, or continuous use. Slicers with a higher horsepower will be able to withstand heavier use. Commercial meat slicers should have a carbon steel, surgical stainless or a hardened stainless steel blade. They should also have a built in blade sharpener with easy access for keeping your slicer blade like new. Your commercial meat slicer should disassemble quickly, and without tools, for easier cleaning. Shop the top brands like Berkel, Hobart & Globe Slicers on Boelter today!