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Ice Machines

The most important thing to recognize when choosing a commercial ice machine is exactly how much ice your establishment will need on a daily basis. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and cafeterias all require different amounts of ice, per person, per day. Depending on the time of year (warmer climates, and warmer months, may require more) you will want to consider additional guidelines for selecting an ice maker, ice crusher or ice storage bin.

The footprint of your ice machine is another key consideration. It sounds simple, but measure your space vertically and horizontally to make sure the ice machine will fit. And be sure to choose a space that is near an electrical and plumbing hook up. Buy an ice machine that has a water filtration system, or install a filter on the line that goes into the machine. Clean water—water that is clear of chemicals, bacteria, parasites and calcium—will help you keep your customers safe and help your ice machine run more efficiently.

Ice Machines
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