Underbar Sink

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    Eagle B2CT-18 1800 Series 20" x 24" Underbar Insulated Ice Bin
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    Eagle B3CT-18 1800 Series 20" x 36" Underbar Insulated Ice Bin
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    Eagle B5C-18 B5C-18 1800 Series 60" Underbar Three Comp Sink Unit
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    Eagle B6C-18 1800 Series 72" Underbar Three compartment Sink Unit
Underbar Sink

Washing glassware on the fly is a common occurrence in any bar, restaurant or club. Underbar sinks are designed to fit in small spaces and provide convenient access for disposing liquid remnants, and rinsing and/or washing and sanitizing glassware. Like traditional commercial sinks, underbar sinks are available in one, two and three compartment models. Stainless steel construction, rolled edges, side and splashes and NSF approval make safe glassware cleaning easy and efficient. Ask your Boelter representative which underbar configuration is right for your operation.