Combining Reliability and Efficiency In Simple to Operate, State-of-the-Art Fryers and Pasta Cookers is what Pitco is all about. Whether you're frying up fish sticks or french fries, serving up pounds of pasta for the local Italian restaurant, Pitco's line of commercial fryers, pasta cookers and accessories have been a top choice in the foodservice industry since 1918. Pitco has been an industry leader in design, research, and delivering new ideas for frying.

myBoelter carries the top of the line Pitco fryers at discounted prices for our customers, because their tube-fired heating system creates a larger heat transfer area that quickly heats oil to proper cooking temperatures, resulting in less wasted oil to heat, and better food quality. Plus, oil lasts longer without carbon taste because of the larger "cool zone" capturing the natural fall-off that occurs during frying. The World's Best Fryer. Period.

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